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 Green Electron Images 
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The images on this web site were all taken by Dr. Eric Condliffe in the Electron Optics Unit belonging to the School of Earth and Environment (SEE), University of Leeds, U.K. Most are scanning electron micrographs of minerals and rocks, and many were specifically taken as illustrations for first and second year university lectures in mineralogy and petrology, using material from the SEE teaching collections. A number of colleagues kindly donated samples for imaging; these are acknowledged on the relevant web page.
This web site is still in its formative stages. It is hoped to develop it into a resource for educators in the earth sciences who wish to illustrate that within even the most mundane of material there is a wealth of beauty and detail that is often overlooked or not seen in hand specimen nor in thin section.
Images are indexed alphabetically by title or dominant mineral/rock name. Simply click on the appropriate thumbnail to display an enlarged version. Each image is accompanied by explanatory text, which has been kept to a minimum. The operating conditions of the relevant SEM are listed where these have been recorded.
More images by Eric Condliffe can be found at

Oolith, Coccolith Debris, Foraminifera, Glass Sphere, Cubic Cleavage in Galena